Safe and secure

Here at The Lott, we’re committed to keeping your membership secure when playing with us in-store and online. We have dedicated teams, services and product features to help keep you, your prizes and your personal information safe.

It’s important for you to be aware that members can be targeted with online scams and cyber-attacks. The good news is that we’re always delivering easy options to help you protect your account and personal information when playing with us online.

1. SMS Security

SMS Security can be activated on your account, which will send you a one-time code via SMS to verify whenever you make important changes to your account. This feature helps to keep your account credentials safe and protects your account from unauthorised access. You can opt into this feature at any time from within your account via our website or The Lott app.


2. Changes to Debit and Credit Card Deposits

You will be asked for the CVV of your stored Debit or Credit Card when depositing funds into your account or buying an entry. This is an added step in preventing any fraudulent transactions on your account.


3. Keeping your details up to date

We send you notifications whenever you make changes to your account so it’s important to make sure your key information such as your name, email address and contact number are always up to date so we can better identify you, respond to you and protect your account.


  Need assistance?

If you believe your online security has been compromised, please call us immediately on 131 868 from 8:00am – 9:00pm AEST (7:00am – 8:00pm AEDT) Monday to Sunday.

There’s nothing like being congratulated face to face by one of our in-store team members when you have a win. Our membership program is designed to give you peace of mind that your prizes are always protected.

1. Prize protection on entries purchased in-store

By becoming a member with us you can register all lottery entries you purchase in-store to your membership. Any prizes won from your registered entries can only be claimed in-store upon presentation of your Membership card, or are automatically paid into a bank account of your choosing after a set period of time, ensuring that if you lose a ticket, you never lose your prize.


2. Players 1st Hotline

Our Players 1st program aims to ensure the right prize goes to the right person. If you ever have concerns about the service you’ve received when checking your entries in-store call our Players 1st Hotline on 1300 752 937 immediately.   


  Need assistance?

Call us immediately on 131 868 to 'lock' your card, preventing anyone else from claiming prizes which have not yet been paid.

Protect yourself with these tips and resources to help keep your internet devices secure.
1. Simple ways to protect your password

Passwords are key to our online identity. That’s why protecting them is so important! Creating a strong password is the first step in eliminating the risk of unauthorised access by those willing to try and guess them. We recommend creating a unique password for your account with us that is more than 10 characters long – why not even create a passphrase which is meaningful to you, the longer the better!  If you know you’re using the same password for an account with a different company, why not update yours with us now.

Finally never write your password down or share it with others – there are programs and apps known as Password Safes that will store all your passwords in a secure vault.


2. How to identify lottery scams

Scams can be challenging to recognise as scammers try to make their communications, websites and apps look as legitimate as possible.

As the official home of Australia’s Lotteries, The Lott, our state licensee and recognisable game brands can be commonly used to convince you that a lottery or prize win is legitimate in an attempt to obtain your personal or financial information. Here are some handy tips to help you identify a potential lottery scam.

Check the Sender Address on any email communications regarding a lottery. Emails from The Lott will always end in

If the Sender Address is unusual, misspelled or slightly different from the correct address, it is likely to be a phishing email. Phishing emails will also likely create a sense of urgency or ask you to click a link or download a file. If you’re ever unsure of an email you receive which you think is from The Lott, call us on 131 868 to confirm.

SMS is another channel that scammers use to conduct phishing, and it can be easy to impersonate a business that you buy products from. Messages which notify you that your account has been suspended or you have won a prize can be confusing, but trust your gut - if you receive a SMS from The Lott that you weren’t expecting, call us on 131 868.

Known lottery scams

For more information including example lottery scams you can visit the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s ScamWatch website. 

You can report email scams directly to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission or via the Australian Cybercrime online reporting network