Cashcade $1,000,000 Celebrations

You could win more during the Cashcade Celebrations when you buy a ticket in Monday & Wednesday Lotto.

If there are no Division 1 winners during the promotional period, a guaranteed $1,000,000 will be shared across all other winning divisions (Div. 2 - 6), in addition to the standard divisional prizes.

Monday & Wednesday Lotto is all about creating extra celebrations with Cashcade! 


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Here's how the prize pool is distributed

With a guaranteed $1,000,000 to be shared, it means that winners in Divisions 2 through to 6 will have their standard divisional prizes boosted.

That means winners will not only receive the prize money on offer for their division, but also an additional Cashcade bonus.  

Unlike previous Cashcade draws, the bonus amount will now spill down to ALL winning divisions (2 - 6).

Here’s how the $1,000,000 will be distributed by percentage across the divisions.

  • Division 2 - 4.2%
  • Division 3 - 6.5%
  • Division 4 - 18.5%
  • Division 5 - 26.3%
  • Division 6 - 44.5%




Purchase a Multi-Draw ticket

You can purchase a multi-draw ticket to make sure you don’t miss a single Cashcade draw. Watch the video above or follow the steps below to purchase your multi-draw ticket.

  1. Select the 'Create your own' tab.
  2. Choose how many games you would like to play per draw and pick your numbers.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select 'Multi-draw' then select the number of draws from the dropdown box.
  4. Select 'add to cart' and purchase your multi-draw ticket.

Purchase a Subscription

You can subscribe to all future Monday & Wednesday Lotto draws by selecting ‘Subscribe’ when you purchase your ticket. You can choose to pause or cancel your subscriptions at any time. 

When it comes to managing your subscriptions, you’re in complete control.