Want to know what it's really like to win the lottery?


Do winners spend all their money within 12 months? Are prizes taxed? Do random people ask for a share of the windfall?

No one knows better than the everyday Australians who’ve received that life-changing winning phone call! 

Drawing on research^ with real Aussie winners, this series delves into some common misconceptions about winning the lottery. 

Ready to bust some myths? Watch us uncover the top six lottery myths below.

^Research undertaken by Colmar Brunton. Further details below.









Sharing the pie

Myth: People come out of the woodwork looking to get a "piece of the pie".



“We live in a country town and everyone in town knew. They were brilliant...They all made an effort to come in and say congratulations. No one asked for money.”

TattsLotto winner, Victoria, 2016



Everything's changing, or not?

Myth: People change when they win the lottery.



“A lot of workmates and other friends have said ‘You used to be the bogan from town. And you’re still the bogan from town!”

Oz Lotto winner, Victoria, 2015



Not just winners who win

Myth: Few people benefit from the lottery. 



“It’s been just amazing. We actually worked out that we helped about 35 people, in smaller amounts.”

Saturday Gold Lotto winner, Queensland, 2016

Dreaming of what your own winning experience might be like?




The windfall beneath your wings

Myth: People who receive a sudden windfall of cash lose it within a few years. 



“I still work and I still budget and everything…I did get financial advice and that was probably the most valuable thing I have ever done.”

Powerball winner, New South Wales, 2015



Living rich in a material world

Myth: Winners spend all their money on material things. 



"My dream originally was to go sailing. My whole view changed in the reality. To build our dream home turned out to be more important than I had previously dreamed about."

Powerball winner, New South Wales, 2015



Behind the curtain on prize claims

Myth: Winners need to pay tax on their winnings and other prize misconceptions.

Dreaming of what your own winning experience might be like?


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^Colmar Brunton conducted in depth 45-minute interviews with 40 winners, completed in 2017. To ensure privacy and confidentiality, The Lott assumed responsibility of setting up the interviews with participating winners. A representative mix of winners were recruited by age, prize amount, length of time since win and location. No incentive was provided to winners to partake in the interview process.