Players have long-loved TattsLotto, our flagship lottery game, and now it's even better with some exciting new updates!

We conducted extensive research and spoke with some of our most loyal players about why they love playing TattsLotto and what they would love to see more of. This is what they told us:

"More prizes, more winners and more reasons to play every week!"

Well get excited, because the Division 1 prize pool is now an estimated $5 Million every Saturday and we've also improved the chance of winning any prize!

Read on below for more details on the exciting changes we've made to TattsLotto or play now.


$5 Million* Saturdays now available!

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New Division 1 prize pool of $5 Million!*

TattsLotto is known as the game that creates the most millionaires across Australia, but you told us you wanted to see more players sharing the dream of becoming a millionaire. 

The regular Division 1 prize for TattsLotto has increased from an estimated $4 Million to an estimated $5 Million prize pool. This means TattsLotto is making even MORE winners, MORE often, every Saturday!


More winners!

You told us you wanted to win more often so we've improved the chance of winning any prize from 1 in 85 to 1 in 42 (based on playing 1 standard game entry) which means there are more overall winners in every TattsLotto draw! 


New Division 6

There is a new winning combination required to win a prize in Division 6. 

To win a Division 6 prize in TattsLotto you now only require three winning numbers in a single game panel.

Want some more great news?

The way you play your favourite TattsLotto game hasn't changed. For a standard entry you still need to select 6 numbers from 1 - 45 in every game panel. 

To win Division 1 you still need to match 6 winning numbers in a single game panel. The winning combinations required to win Divisions 1 to 5 have also remained the same. 


Prize division allocation

The percentage of the prize division allocation for all prize divisions in TattsLotto has been updated as shown in the table below. 

Prize Division Previous prize division allocation up to and including Draw 4091 Current prize division allocation effective from Draw 4093
1 30.00% 32.75%
2 3.80% 3.70%
3 8.20% 5.60%
4 12.40% 8.30%
5 20.80% 12.25%
6 24.80% 37.40%



  Price increase to support these exciting changes

To support these exciting changes, the price of playing TattsLotto has increased by 10 cents per game. View TattsLotto pricing.

 Frequently asked questions

For further information on the exciting changes to TattsLotto please view our Frequently Asked Questions


Saturday Lotto Winners

*Estimated Div 1 Prize Pool.