A Springwood man has admitted he thought his eyes were playing tricks on him when he saw he’d scratched $10,000 on an Instant Scratch-Its ticket.

The top prize winning $1 Instant Scratch-Its ticket was purchased at Chatswood Hills News & Casket Agency, Shop 106, Chatswood Hills Shopping Centre, Springwood. 

Confirming his exciting win with us this morning, the Logan man relived the moment he won $10,000. 

“I went to the newspaper shop and I bought five $1 scratchies, then went home and read the paper that afternoon and started scratching,” he explained 

“I got to the fifth one and scratched one of the winning symbols and kept scratching. 

“Then I quickly realised I had all of the winning symbols. 

“I couldn’t believe it. I was shaking. 

“I had to go next door and ask my neighbour what he thought. I thought I must have been seeing things. It was so good!” 

When asked how he planned to enjoy his instant windfall, the Logan resident said he’d need some time to think it through. 

“If I need a quid, I know I’ve got it there,” he laughed. 

“It will certainly cover a few bills and I just won’t have to worry about those things. 

“I need to think about exactly how I will enjoy my prize, but I can promise you I definitely will.” 

Chatswood Hills News & Casket Agency owner Kusum Dahiya said she was happy for her regular and local customer. 

“This man always comes in to visit us. It’s so great to see him walk away with this prize,” she said. 

“It’s not just us who are happy for him, the local community is also so excited. 

“It’s a great news story for the area. 

“Congratulations to our latest winner!”