It’s been the jokingly contested debate around the family dinner table and the question many siblings have pondered for years — does mum have a favourite? 

In fact, research with our players revealed over 70% of Aussies surveyed suspected their mum had a favourite child! Knowing it’s a question on people’s minds and with only ten days until Mother’s Day, we’ve been on a mission to get to the bottom of this age-old mystery!

Does mum really have a favourite child and who is it? 

What your siblings think

Heads up if you’re the youngest in the family — your older siblings think you’re the prime suspect in the case of who’s mum’s favourite.

According to 46% of survey participants, the youngest sibling was favoured by far— many reasoned that it was because they received more attention, and could easily get off the hook.

Another 29% of players believed the oldest was the apple of mum’s eye because of their tendency to be reliable, helpful, and always receive everything first. As always, the middle sibling was largely overlooked — only 13% of players thought the middle sibling could be mum’s favourite. 

What mum thinks

On the flip side, Aussie mums told a very different story. It might seem like she was just placating you and your siblings when she said she loves you all equally, but for 82% of mums surveyed — it’s the truth! 

Overwhelmingly, mums were hesitant to admit they had a favourite.

Only 5% confessed to liking the youngest the best, while another 5% revealed the eldest was their favourite. 

How to become an instant favourite

While being the oldest, youngest or middle sibling was considered one of the biggest deciding factors, other survey participants thought being the only male child or only female child in the family could also determine favouritism – especially if they were the first in a generation or more.

But there were also plenty of players who say their siblings are the favourite because they regularly spoil their mum.

With Mother’s Day coming up on 10 May 2020, this might be your opportunity to win mum over completely. Thankfully Instant Scratch-Its has made it easy this year with a range of tickets that make a fun, easy gift and also give mum the chance to win big! 

Most of us try our best to make Mother’s Day special, but mums confessed that sometimes we’ve missed the mark. 

Some revealed they’d received the more traditional gifts of soaps, clothes vouchers and slippers, but others told of a few of the more unusual gifts. 

From power tools to blank VCR tapes so the footy can be recorded, there seems to be a few gifts that were actually on someone else’s wish list! 

There were also a few gifts that had the best of intentions but didn’t quite get it right, like the daughter who gifted her mum a bunch of celery thinking it was flowers, a half-baked cake and a pot plant full of dirt but no plant!

Instant Scratch-Its can help you spoil mum with something she’ll enjoy— whether you want to help her take some time out to relax, add some fun to her day, or give her the thrill of a chance to win! 

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Treat mum today and become her instant favourite!



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