A Bardon woman has declared she was jumping for joy when she discovered her $10,000 win on an Instant Scratch-Its ticket. 

The $1 Sloth Dosh Instant Scratch-Its ticket was purchased at Friendly Grocer Bardon, Shop 5, 60 Macgregor Terrace, Bardon. 

This morning, we called the winner, who relayed the moment she discovered her unexpected windfall. 

“I am a big lover of Instant Scratch-Its tickets! I always stick to the $1 ones,” she explained. 

“After I bought it, I just went home and put on the kettle and scratched it while I was waiting. 

“When I saw I had won I was in complete disbelief. 

“I kept thinking I read it wrong! I checked it over and over again. 

“I was over the moon! Absolutely over the moon! 

“I ran over to my mother and I was jumping up and down with joy. 

“This is just amazing. It’s by far the most I have ever won.” 

When asked how she planned to enjoy her instant windfall, the joyful winner said it would be incredibly useful. 

“I will use some to pay off some bills,” she said. 

“I also really need to fix the roof. We have a big leak and it’s been causing us a lot of grief, so to have that fixed will just be amazing. 

“This weekend we plan to get some nice takeaway to celebrate once the money is in the account too.”  

Friendly Grocer Bardon owner Yang Pu said he couldn’t be happier to have sold a winning ticket to a local customer, the biggest he had ever sold. 

“It is great news!” he said. 

“How wonderful for our winner. It’s lovely to know they are a local customer. 

“We wish her all the best with her prize and hope she really enjoys it. 

“Hopefully this is the start of a winning streak!”