A Broadbeach woman has already planned one indulgence with her $25,000 Instant Scratch-Its prize – a brand new TV. 

The top prize winning $2 Fruit Loot ticket was purchased at Broadbeach Oasis News, Shop G35A Oasis Shopping Centre, Ground Floor, 12 Charles Avenue, Broadbeach. 

Sharing her excitement with us, the elated woman explained how her top prize win came to be. 

“I had a Powerball ticket to check, so I ducked into the newsagency and turns out, I won about $40 on it,” she shared. 

“So I used that money to buy the paper, a ticket for the next Powerball draw and a few Instant Scratch-Its tickets. 

“Then when I went home, I scratched the tickets and that’s when I realised I’d won. 

“I was completely gobsmacked! I think I might have gone into a state of shock too. 

“It’s such a blessing! I am just so grateful! 

“It’s been a bit tough lately, so this is a very welcome surprise. 

“I celebrated that night with a fancy bottle of champagne! I am still excited about it now.” 

When asked how she planned to enjoy her prize, the Gold Coast woman had one thing in mind. 

“I am going to get myself a new TV,” she explained. 

“The rest I want to save for a rainy day.” 

Broadbeach Oasis News owner Greg McDonald said he was incredibly happy for his local winner. 

“It’s fantastic, just unbelievable,” he said. 

“The winner came in here to check her ticket, so we got to share in the winning moment.

“It was amazing. We were jumping for joy with her! 

“We are really happy for her and hope she can do some nice things with her prize. 

“Hopefully there’s some more big wins here soon.”