A Port Lincoln woman is ready to celebrate Christmas in style after scratching one of the top prizes of $10,000 on a $1 Merry Christmas Instant Scratch-Its ticket.

When speaking with us while claiming her windfall, the winner recounted how she came to scratch her $10,000 prize.

“I was down at my local pharmacy and picking up a prescription and I saw that I had $2 in my purse so I just asked for a couple of scratchies,” the overjoyed winner explained.

“I said to the girl behind the counter – ‘You choose! I’ll take whatever’ and she just gave me a couple of $1 ones.

“I stood around the corner and scratched it and saw the symbols. I went back to the counter and asked the lady ‘I think I’ve won $10,000. Can you please check it for me in case I am seeing things?’.

“After that, it was really surreal. I was just in shock. I just kept laughing! I barely slept that night.”

When asked how she planned to spend her instant windfall, the happy winner revealed it had come just in time for Christmas.

“It doesn’t seem like a lot, it’s not a big big win, but it will go a long way!” she declared.

“It’s perfect timing for Christmas. I’ll be sharing it around with my close friends and family and investing some.

“I’ll go and buy a nice big ham and meat and we can have a great feast.

“There will be a few treats for myself too. I’ll buy a new bed so I can rest well. A little bit of shopping too!”

The thrilled winner also revealed that she didn’t let the winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket out of her sight until it was claimed.

“I kept it close to my heart! I didn’t let it go! You couldn’t have got it off me!” she laughed.

“I have kept it hidden and safe until I was able to claim it. It is a relief to know it has been claimed. I’ll sleep well tonight!”

The happy winner purchased her winning entry from Terry White Port Lincoln, 43 Liverpool Street, Port Lincoln.

Terry White Port Lincoln manager Annette Coombes said the team was thrilled to have sold a major prize winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket.

“Like many customers, this woman chose to scratch her scratchie in store and to her absolute shock she won $10,000, it was awesome!” she exclaimed.

“She told us she thought she was seeing things but when we scanned the ticket, sure enough, she was right!

“It’s been around three years since we’ve had a big win, so we are over the moon.”