A Fernvale woman who won $50,000 on an Instant Scratch-Its ticket admitted she celebrated the discovery by having a nap. 

The winning $4 Instant Scratch-Its ticket was purchased at TSG Fernvale, 11/1455 Brisbane Valley Highway, Fernvale. 

Speaking to us to claim her prize, the South East Queensland winner recalled the moment she discovered her win. 

“I was at home having a cup of tea and a bite to eat and decided to scratch the two tickets I had bought on New Year’s Eve,” she explained. 

“I couldn’t believe what I saw! I checked it over and over again and then made my husband check it too. 

“He said it wouldn’t be right and I couldn’t have won and so we went down to the newsagency and they confirmed it then. 

“We were so shocked! I am very happy, very happy indeed. 

“We did do some celebrating, but more in the form of relaxing. I went and had a nap!” 

When asked how she planned to enjoy her instant windfall, the stoked woman said she would use it to improve her yard. 

“It’s certainly a great start to the new year. It has come at the perfect time,” she admitted. 

“I want to do some backyard and front garden landscaping. I have been wanting to do that for ages, and now I finally can.”