A Hillwood mother and daughter have shared how their weekly routine of scratching Instant Scratch-Its tickets as a ‘little treat’ led them to a $24,000 top prize win. 

Their winning $5 $24K Gold Instant Scratch-Its ticket was purchased at newsXpress George Town, Shop 10, 83 Macquarie Street, George Town. 

Confirming their instant windfall with us this morning, the winning daughter relayed how their good fortune came about. 

“We really got lucky! It’s wonderful,” she cheered. 

“Once a week, mum and I like to treat ourselves to some Instant Scratch-Its tickets. We tend to purchase the $5 ones and particularly the $24K Gold Instant Scratch-Its tickets. 

“My mum had brought me some home from work, and we decided to scratch them. I scratched the winning ticket and burst into tears of joy! My mum was so excited for me. 

“I’m so thankful to start the new year with some good luck. Last year was horrible and this has come at such a great time. 

“As a mum of three, it’s important for me to save this money. I do need a new car, so maybe the prize will go towards that. 

“I haven’t done any celebrating as of yet, but I’ll definitely do something special in the future!” 

newsXpress George Town owner Sue Sherrif said her team was very excited to have sold a winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket to a regular customer. 

“It’s very rewarding for the whole team when we sell a top-prize winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket to a loyal and regular customer. We love it!” she said. 

“We actually sold a $24K Gold Instant Scratch-Its ticket that won $500 about four weeks ago. It’s wonderful to see the winning streak continue. 

“A tremendous congratulations to the winner and we hope they enjoy their prize.”