It’s that time of year where Mum is definitely the word.

Mums (and mother figures) are very special people in our lives, and it’s hard to truly give a gift that shows how much they mean to us. 

As far as great gifts go, we imagine receiving a top prize-winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket is up there, and our previous Mother’s Day winners would agree.

One nurse from Wagga Wagga shared how she recieved a very belated Mother’s Day surprise.

She received a $5 Crosswords Instant Scratch-Its ticket, as well as other little things, from her family for Mother’s Day but didn’t get around to scratching her ticket straight away.

But days later she finally scratched a $100,000 top prize…and her reaction was priceless!

“This has been the best Mother’s Day ever! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to top it and I definitely won’t ever forget it,” she told us.

The winning mum shared she would enjoy a celebratory dinner with her family and set herself up for retirement! 

Just last year, a Cronulla mum also had a truly memorable Mother’s Day when she received a $50,000 top prize winning ticket from her daughter. 

“I was just at the table, having a couple of tea while my daughter was making me cupcakes and I decided to scratch the ticket,” she said of discovering her win. 

“I screamed out to her ‘I think I have won!’. We kept checking and double checking! 
“It was lovely to share that experience with her!” 

The overjoyed mum couldn’t wait to buy the one thing she’d been dreaming about for years…a screen door! 

Whether it’s a screen door or something more, just imagine gifting your loved one a top prize winning scratchie.

We can’t wait to see if someone will be scratching a top prize this Mother’s Day!