An inner-city Brisbane couple are planning to not only treat themselves but also their precious pooch after scratching a life-changing prize of $100,000 on an Instant Scratch-Its ticket. 

The top prize winning $5 Crosswords ticket was purchased across the border in New South Wales at Marrickville Metro Newsagency, Shops 26- 27 Metro Shopping Centre, 34 Victoria Road, Marrickville. 

Confirming their win with us this morning, the stoked man explained that his wife had gifted him an unforgettable birthday present. 

“It was an amazing surprise! It was absolutely crazy!” he laughed. 

“My wife and I were both travelling for work and she bought me three scratchies for my birthday. 

“We scratched one ticket on my birthday and then decided to save the others for later. 

“I couldn’t find the other two tickets for days and then came across them on Saturday and decided to scratch them. 

“We initially thought we’d won $10,000 and we screamed ‘oh my god, this is unbelievable’! 
“Then we realised we’d miscounted the words and possibly had ten words not nine! 

“I checked the ticket about one million times and we literally couldn’t believe what we were seeing. 

“It was overwhelming. It was just insane! 

“It’s absolutely amazing!” 

When asked how they planned to enjoy their instant windfall, they said they’d be enjoying every moment of their prize. 

“We’ve decided we’re going to put some aside to really treat ourselves it a fun way,” he explained. 

“And we will also treat our dog as well! 

“The timing is amazing. Who knows what’s around the corner so it’s amazing to have and it takes away all the stress. It’s the perfect security blanket. 

“We will certainly be travelling overseas when we can as well. 

“We will do plenty of special things with our prize!”