For many of us, this year’s Mother’s Day was unlike any other as we adapted to how we connect and celebrate with mum on this special day. 

However, for some thrilled families, the occasion became memorable for a whole different reason.

With Aussies across the country choosing to treat mum to a bit of Instant Scratch-Its fun, we’ve had a flurry of delighted winners claim some fantastic instant prizes this week. 

Most recently we heard from a Crestmead mum who enjoyed an unforgettable Mother’s Day when she won the top prize of $100,000 on an Instant Scratch-Its ticket that was a gift from her own mother. In a heartwarming moment, the winning woman told us they’ll be sharing the prize and already had plenty of ideas for how they’ll use it. 

Another of our favourite stories came from a Cronulla mum who scored an incredible $50,000 prize on an Instant Scratch-Its ticket gifted to her by her daughter.

It’s not likely she’ll forget a gift like that anytime soon! 

When we spoke the winner, she recounted the exciting moment when they discovered her win. 

“I was just at the table, having a cup of tea while my daughter was making me cupcakes and I decided to scratch the ticket,” she said. 

“I screamed out to her ‘I think I have won!’. We kept checking and double checking! 

“It was lovely to share that experience with her!”

Proving why mums deserve a day all to themselves, we also heard some stories of incredible kindness as mums and grandmothers looked to pay forward their winning moment. 

Among them was a stunned Cherrybrook man who believes he’s got the best mother-in-law in the world after he gave her an Instant Scratch-Its ticket for Mother’s Day, only for her to gift it back to him after discovering it won $25,000. 

He explained how he came to be the one to claim the winning ticket. 

“We bought it for my mother-in-law for Mother’s Day and she scratched it straight away,” he explained. 

“She was so shocked when she realised it won $25,000. 

“I was stunned silent. My wife was dumfounded! There were so many emotions.” 

But it was what his mother-in-law did next, which overwhelmed the Sydney man.

“She said the prize was too much for her and gave it back to us,” he shared. 

“All she wants is a heater because she gets so cold. She wants us to have the rest of it.” 

And in another case of winning generosity, a Gold Coast grandma who landed a $100,000 Instant Scratch-Its windfall told us she couldn’t wait to spoil her family.

“My greatest joy is to be able to share it with my kids,” she shared.

We couldn’t be more thrilled for all of our winning mothers, grandmothers, and their families. 

With a great range of Instant Scratch-Its tickets available from your local friendly retailer perhaps a winning moment is headed your way soon.

Scratch one today!