An Ipswich couple can now happily say the reality of winning a major lottery prize has far exceeded their wildest dreams following their $25,000 Instant Scratch-Its win.

The top prize winning $2 Money Bag Instant Scratch-Its ticket was purchased at North Ipswich Newsagency, 7 Pine Mountain Road, North Ipswich.

Speaking with us this morning, the winning couple shared they were still blown away by the fact they’d scored an Instant Scratch-Its top prize.

“We were and are still shocked! I think I nearly had a heart attack. I don’t think you want to know what I said when I realised,” she chuckled.

“After my husband showed me that he scratched the winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket, all I could shout was, ‘Are you f******* serious!’?

“This is like a dream come true!

“We plan to help our kids ease some of life’s pressures and pay off some things.

“Who knows? We may have to go to dinner or go for a holiday!

North Ipswich Newsagency owner Narda Collins said they were so excited to have sold another top prize winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket to a local customer.

“We have been extremely lucky here with different major wins. This is our second top prize Instant Scratch-Its win in the last couple of years,” she said.

“We are beyond excited for our winners. They’ve been loyal customers of ours for quite some time.

“Congratulations and we wish them all the best with their prize.”