While an Instant-Scratch-Its windfall can land anywhere at anytime, we aren’t surprised when we find ourselves talking to some thrilled dads around Father’s Day. 

The occasion is one of the busiest times of the year for Instant Scratch-Its scratching, as Australians all across the country delight their dads, granddads, and father figures with a gift that could be just the ticket for an incredible day. And this year proved to be no exception. 

A Tahmoor family treated their dad to a $5 Live the Life Instant Scratch-It ticket over the Father’s Day weekend. Turns out it would be the gift that keeps on giving, after the man discovered he had won a top prize of $1,000 every week for the next five years! 

“I was just sitting there scratching the ticket when I realised I had scratched all three ‘Live the Life’ symbols,” the man told us. 

“It was crazy! I was sitting there for about an hour, dumbfounded, thinking ‘is it real?’."

Once his discovery started to sink in, the overjoyed dad couldn’t wait to celebrate. 

“I’ve had some great Father’s Days, but this is the best!”

It was just last year that a North Rockhampton dad made a similar declaration after winning a top prize of $200,000 on a $15 Instant Scratch-Its Crosswords Book.

“My Father’s Day was amazing – definitely the best Father’s Day I have ever had!” he said. 

“I was just sitting and relaxing and thought I would scratch the Instant Scratch-Its ticket.

“My wife came out the back to show me something funny she’d seen on the internet, and I said to her ‘that’s a good one, but not as good as this.’

She didn’t believe it!”

The Queenslander was gifted the winning ticket by his son and daughter-in-law and was excited to share his joy with them. 

“We called our kids straight away to tell them and they were so happy for us.”

It’s wonderful to hear the thrilled reactions from Aussie dads after Father’s Day and we can’t wait to see what next year brings. 

Of course, with a huge number of prizes across the Instant-Scratch-Its range there’s bound to be plenty of winning moments throughout the year. 

Just last week, a Melbourne man scored one of the top prizes on a $10 Jumbo Crossword, pocketing $150,000 which he plans to use on a European holiday. And a Chester Hill woman has her sights set on a trip to Fiji after scratching one of the top prizes of $10,000 on a $1 Happy Camper Instant Scratch-Its ticket last month. 

Don’t forget, Instant Scratch-Its players also have the chance to turn their eligible non-winning Instant Scratch-Its tickets into a win, with the Scratch eClub Second Chance Draw. 

The Second Chance Draw is conducted on the second Wednesday of every month and gives players the chance to win $10,000! 

It can happen in an instant, it can happen to you!