A Kadina woman has fought against having a heart attack when she discovered she scratched one of the top prizes of $25,000 on a $2 Crocodile Cash Instant Scratch-Its ticket.

The winning ticket was purchased at Newbery Chemist, 24 Graves Street, Kadina.

Speaking to us, the thrilled winner revealed she had kept her ticket at the bottom of a draw for several weeks to keep it safe.

“It’s wonderful! It’s such a lovely feeling!” she exclaimed.

“Whenever I am at the chemist I grab a $2 scratchie.

“I scratched it in the car, and I originally thought I’d won $2,500. Then I double-checked it and realised I had read it wrong and it was actually $25,000!

“I went back into the chemist and asked them to check it.

“The girl behind the counter confirmed I’d won a large prize and when she looked at me she said ‘you don’t look that excited’.
“I said to her ‘I’m just trying not to have a heart attack!’.

“Since then, I’ve had the ticket stuffed into the bottom of a draw at home until I could claim it.

“I didn’t want anyone finding it or me accidentally throwing it away!”

The happy winner said while she would enjoy putting her windfall to good use, the best part was telling the person who sold it to her that they’d changed her life.

“Every time you scratch one you hope you win, but you never think it is going to happen to you!” she exclaimed.

“When I went back to the chemist and told the girl who sold it to me she’d sold me a winner, it was just wonderful to see the smile on her face. It was a really, really great feeling!”

Newbery Chemist lotteries manager Hannah Jacobs said she was thrilled her customer had scored a major prize.

“It’s the first Instant Scratch-Its major prize we’ve ever sold so we are so happy!” she exclaimed.

“It was a really exciting moment when the customer came back to tell us she’d won a major prize.

“We were all pretty excited and it will create such a buzz for our customers.

“Congratulations to our winner! We wish her all the best!”