Forget coffee and cereal, a Moonah mum and her adult daughter have found the perfect morning pick-me-up- scratching an Instant Scratch-Its ticket worth $24,000.
The top prize winning $5 24K Gold ticket was purchased at Moonah Newsagency, Shop 12, 109 Main Road, Moonah.
Sharing their excitement with us this morning, the overjoyed pair explained they were floating on cloud nine following their early morning discovery.
“Mum was just out doing some chores when she picked up a few Instant Scratch-Its tickets,” the winning daughter revealed.
“We do like to buy tickets every now and again, just as a little treat.
“Mum had actually forgotten about the scratchies until very early the next morning. I was fast asleep when I heard all this screaming, and then mum ran into my room and shoved the ticket in my face.
“She just kept saying ‘We’ve won $24,000! We’ve won $24,000!’.
“I actually felt like it was all a dream, especially because I’d just woken up. I had to pinch myself so many times!
“It’s certainly a dream come true!
“After the news sunk in, we celebrated with our favourite breakfast.
“Honestly, we are not sure how we will spend the prize. We still need to let this news sink in! But I know it’ll come in handy.”
Moonah Newsagency owner Rhonda Cooper said she couldn’t be happier for her local customers.
“It is just fantastic news,” she said.
“I was blown away when they told me! It’s amazing for them.
“They really are very deserving winners, so I couldn’t be happier for them.
“We’d love to send our congratulations to the winners and hope it makes a positive difference to their lives.
“We’ve had a few bigger wins here lately, so we are feeling quite lucky.
“I hope we can deliver more major prize wins to some more of our customers. It’s just such a great feeling to sell a major prize!”