A hardworking Brisbane grandmother has broken down in tears of joy upon discovering she’d won $150,000 on a $10 Instant Scratch-Its ticket. 

The life-changing, top prize winning $10 Jumbo Crosswords Instant Scratch-Its ticket was purchased at Spar Hillcrest, 71-83 Coronation Road, Hillcrest.

Sharing her excitement with us this morning, the woman initially thought she was claiming a prize of $1,000. 

“When I first scratched the ticket on the weekend I thought I’d won $1,000 and I was thrilled with that!” she explained. 

“Then I took the scratchie into the newsagency and they told me they couldn’t pay out the prize because I’d won $15,000.

“I couldn’t believe that!

“Now I’ve come in to claim my prize thinking I’ve won $15,000 and you’ve told me I’ve actually won $150,000!

“I’m going to break down! I really can’t believe it! “I was so happy with $15,000 but $150,000 is incredible!

“This is awesome. It’s life-changing! You really have no idea.

“Nothing like this has ever happened to me!”

The winner also told us the mind-blowing win was all thanks to a spur-the-moment decision. 

“I hadn’t bought a scratchie in ages and I quickly ducked into my local grocery store because I’d forgotten to buy the pumpkin for dinner,” she explained. 

“It was a last minute decision as I stood in line. I was just after a $4 Instant Scratch-Its ticket but for some reason I went for the $10 Jumbo Crossword instead! And I’m so glad I did!”

The generous grandmother became emotional as the enormity of her windfall sunk in and she realised how much she’d be able to do with her prize. 

“I’m going to spoil my children and grandchildren,” she said. 

“I’ll pay some bills but most excitingly, I’m going to cut down on work. 

“I’ll be able to stop doing night shifts which is such a relief!”