In every house there is a junk draw. You know, the one where you store old takeaway menus, mail, and other bits and bobs you’ve found lying around the house. When was the last time you cleaned yours out?

After reading this story you might be motivated to do a little spring cleaning as you could be one old Instant Scratch-Its ticket away
from a win.

A Southport man is planning to purchase his first home after winning one of the top prizes of $25,000 on a $2 Mini Crosswords Instant Scratch-Its ticket.

When we spoke with the winner this afternoon, the family man shared how he came to hold the winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket.

“I am moving houses at the moment and I was cleaning and came across an old ticket, so I thought I would take it into the newsagency to check it,” he explained.

“Turns out I won a few dollars and so I bought another Instant Scratch-Its ticket.

“When I scratched it, I actually thought I had won $1,000 and I was so excited. But when I took it to the counter to claim my prize, the guy said ‘We can’t pay this sorry, it’s too much’

“So I checked the ticket again and realised I hadn’t scratched it all and just thought ‘Holy sh*t! I won the top prize!’

“Last night when I went to bed, I woke up several times and each time I thought ‘Well that was a nice dream!’ and then I would remember and would jump up to check my ticket again!

“You know, winning $25,000 is awesome! But to say I have won one of the top prizes, that is what makes it even more awesome!

When asked how he planned to spend his win, the instant winner admitted he would spend it wisely.

“For now, I am going to put it in the bank to earn some interest,” he said.

“I am looking to buying a house, so I will eventually put it towards my mortgage.

“I will definitely celebrate. I will take the family out to dinner and then take the missus out for some fun.”

The winning ticket was purchased from Spano’s Supa IGA Crestwood Plaza, Shop 1, Crestwood Plaza, Molendinar.

Spano’s Supa IGA Crestwood Plaza owner Natalie Spano said she was thrilled to have sold a top prize winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket.

“That is fabulous news! We are so happy for our customer,” she said.

“We hope this means we are on a roll and can help deliver some more big wins to our customers!”