An Unanderra couple have sung Christmas cheers after being given an Instant Scratch-Its ticket that won them $25,000, as a gift. 

The top prize winning $2 Christmas Wishes Instant Scratch-Its ticket was purchased at Foodworks Unanderra, 23-27 Farmborough Road, Unanderra. 

Speaking with our team this morning, the Wollongong couple admitted they were still reeling from discovering their instant windfall. 

“We received it as a gift from my boyfriend’s grandmother,” the winning woman explained. 

“We got it on Christmas day, but we didn’t scratch it for a few days. 

“Even when I scratched it, I didn’t know we’d won $25,000. 

“It wasn’t until I went to the newsagency and got the ticket checked, that they told me we’d won. 

“We were very confused. 

“We couldn’t believe it! It came as a big shock to the both of us. 

“After it sunk in, I cried. I cried a lot! 

“Hell yeah we celebrated! We celebrated big time. We went out for dinner and had some drinks! How could we not celebrate this? 

“We told my boyfriend’s grandmother about the win and she was so happy for us. 

“It’s amazing. It’s so good!” 

When asked how they planned to enjoy their prize, the overjoyed woman said she had one thing in mind. 

“This is going to go towards our house deposit,” she admitted. 

“We’ve been thinking of buying a house for a while, so it will be nice to have some more money towards our deposit.” 

Foodworks Unanderra team said they are thrilled for their top prize winning customers and wished them all the best with their prize.