When we speak to our winners after they discover their instant windfall, we always ask them what is at the top of
their wishlist. Often we are told that they want to splurge on a holiday, a shopping spree or home renovations, but sometimes we are surprised to hear that some people just want the simple things.

This was the case for a regional Victorian woman who declared she was looking forward to fulfilling her long-held wish of owning a ‘big fancy Dyson’ vacuum cleaner after winning one of the top prizes of $100,000 on a $5 Instant Scratch-Its ticket.

Sharing her excitement with us while claiming her prize, the winner recounted how she came to hold the winning ticket.

“It’s just marvellous!” she exclaimed chirpily.

“I was on my way home from doing the shopping and I was wondering to myself if I should pick up some scratchies.

“I usually pick up a few every week and I was thinking to myself ‘should I or shouldn’t I stop and get them now?’

“As I was driving, there was a car in my way to turn off on the roundabout so I thought that was a sign that I should stop and grab some.  

“It was a spur of the moment thing!

“I got home and started scratching and it was the third one I scratched.  

“When I saw it I thought to myself ‘I’m reading this wrong, I’m reading this wrong’.  

“I felt sick from that minute that someone was going to tap me on the shoulder and say ‘no you’ve done it wrong’.

“I showed it to someone and they asked ‘have you won a $1,000?’ and I said, ‘no there are a few more zeroes than that!’.”

When we asked how she planned to enjoy her instant windfall, the impulsive winner declared the first thing she would do is purchase the item at the top of her wishlist.  

“I need a new vacuum cleaner – would you believe!” she laughed.

“I’ve wanted one of those fancy new Dysons for yonks!  

“I can’t wait to chuck out the old one that’s always had problems.

“I’d just like to keep the rest of the money there as a bit of a nest egg for my retirement. My son has put in a few requests too.”

The happy winner also revealed she spent a whole day celebrating the life-changing windfall.

“We went into the city to celebrate today – it was a lovely day!” she admitted.  

“We had a delicious lunch and spent some time exploring the city. It was great!”  

The winning ticket was purchased at Seymour News & Lotto, 66 Station St, Seymour.

Seymour News & Lotto team member Amy Duna said she was excited to hear her outlet had sold another Instant Scratch-Its top prize.

“We are so happy another one of our customers has scratched a top prize win!” she exclaimed.  

“We sold another top prize winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket worth $75,000 in January last year so maybe we are on a bit of a winning streak.

“There are so many big draws happening at the moment, we can’t wait to share the great news with customers who coming into the store!”