A Port Augusta woman has thanked a 12-month long ‘winning streak’ for her $10,000 Instant Scratch-Its win after she scratched one of the top prizes on a $1 Instant Scratch-Its ticket.

Speaking with us this morning, the overjoyed woman recounted how she came to hold the winning ticket.

“I’ve been doing this for about twelve months,” she explained.

“I started out with five tickets, and I won three dollars, so I went and bought another three tickets and then I’d have another win and get a few more.

“Over the past 12 months or more it seemed as though every time I got a ticket I’d win some money and I’d use that money to get another ticket.

“I only do it every month or so. I had some floating around in my wallet for a couple of months before I claimed them.

“Then the other night, I couldn’t sleep and I remembered I had a ticket. I scratched it and I saw the prize and I thought to myself ‘really?’ then I checked the back and saw that it was right. I had won!”

The happy woman revealed she had plenty of ideas on how to enjoy her instant windfall.

“Well I had a sleepless night after I discovered the win!” she laughed.

“I lay awake deciding how I would spend it. I thought I’d do this to my house or that to my house.

“I think I am going to get a new roller door for the garage and some cupboards in my laundry.

“I’ve been in the house 20 years and haven’t done it yet, so if I don’t do it now I never will!

“I treated myself to a new pair of shoes and a new handbag too so there is a little something fun for me too!”

The Port Augusta local also revealed her winning streak wasn’t over and she planned to continue to use her winnings to buy more Instant Scratch-Its.

“For Christmas I got a few scratchies from my friends at work,” she confessed.

“I won $8 on those so I will have to go in and cash them in and start it all over again!”

The winning ticket was purchased at Orana Lotto & Newsagency, Shops C & D, Wharflands Plaza, Tassie Street, Port Augusta.

Orana Lotto & Newsagency supervisor Zoe Brooks said she was thrilled to hear her outlet had sold a top prize winning Instant Scratch-Its.

“That’s great to hear!” she exclaimed.

“We haven’t sold a top prize winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket for a very long time so it’s nice to know we’ve sold a winner to one of our customers.

“We’ll be celebrating in store and telling all of our customers we’ve sold a top prize.

“Best of luck to our winner! We wish them all the best with their prize!”