A Wollongong man in his twenties now has a strong belief in premonitions after winning $100,000 on an Instant Scratch-Its ticket the morning after he dreamt of scratching a winning ticket.

The $100,000 winning $5 Luxe Riches ticket was purchased at Shellharbour Newsagency, 27 Addison Street, Shellharbour. 

Confirming his win with us this morning, the young New South Wales resident revealed how the win came about. 

“I had a dream that I was scratching a scratchie with a family member who had recently passed away,” he began to explain. 

“So the next day I went and bought one and scratched it then and there and I won $100,000!

“I didn’t think it was real and I kept saying to the staff ‘are you sure this is real?’.

“It was so hard to believe! Especially after that dream!

“It was the first time I’d ever even bought a scratchie!”

The young man told us he’d use his instant windfall to set himself up for the future.

“I will probably invest the money and put down a deposit on a home,” he said.

“I’ll have to have a good think! I’m so overwhelmed!”

Shellharbour Newsagency owner Ann Nguyen said she was more excited than the winner himself. 

“I was the one who sold the winning Instant Scratch-its ticket!” she exclaimed.

“When the young man scratched it and won we were hugging and carrying on! It was so exciting! 

“We’ve sold a lot top prize winning tickets and division one winning entries over the years and it gets even more exciting every time.

“We wish our winner all the best!”