A 21 year old Bondi man is planning to travel around Asia and America after discovering he won one of the top prizes of $250,000 on an Instant Scratch-Its ticket.

Sharing his joy with us this afternoon to claim his prize, the elated man explained how he came to hold the winning Instant Scratch its ticket.

“I was going grocery shopping and thought I would buy a ticket with some spare change I had,” he shared.

“It was only the second ticket I have ever bought.

“I found out on Saturday that I won, but I couldn’t claim it until today. It felt like such a long wait!

“I didn’t believe that I won until it was confirmed today. I genuinely thought it was some sort of joke, or a prank.

“As soon as I found out I called my family and woke them up to tell them I’d won. My mum nearly had a bloody heart attack! Bless her!

“She didn’t believe me. She just kept saying ‘oh my god, oh my god, you’re kidding me!’. I can’t wait to call her and tell her it’s been confirmed.”

The Sydney man said despite questioning whether his win was real or not, he celebrated with his friends on the weekend.

“I went out this weekend and celebrated with all my friends,” he explained.

“My friends didn’t believe me. I didn’t even believe it, but we still wanted to celebrate! I have been in such a good mood since I scratched the ticket.

“Instant Scratch-Its has done me wonders! The win has really come at the perfect time.”

When asked how he planned to spend his instant win, the young man said it would help him tick off a few items on his bucket list.

“I am going to give a bit to my family, invest some and then the rest I will use to travel,” he exclaimed.

“I want to do a road trip around America and then a motorbike trip around Asia with some friends.”

The ecstatic man bought his winning $10 Instant Scratch-Its ticket from NEWS KING Newsagency, Shop 1013 Westfield Shoppingtown, 500 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction.

NEWS KING Newsagency, owner Brendan Geyer said he was thrilled to deliver a top prize win to one of his customers.

“We are very excited,” he said.

“How awesome is that? What a great start to the year!

“We are so happy for him! We love when our customers win.

“We have sold a few major prizes in the past and hope we can continue to deliver more wins to our customers in the future.”