A man from the northern suburbs of Adelaide had to sit down and take a minute to absorb the news that his Keno Spot 9 entry had won a prize of $150,000!

The man, who confessed he was gobsmacked when he checked his ticket and discovered he had won, has ‘man’s best friend’ to thank for deciding to drop into the Craigmore Newsagency and purchase the winning Keno Spot 9 entry.

“I was doing some work around the house and decided it was time to take my dog to get its hair clipped. While I was waiting around to pick my dog up, I thought I’d pass the time with a Keno ticket,” the man explained.

“When I went to check my ticket later on, I thought something’s strange here because I couldn’t see exactly how much I’d won. That’s when it popped up on the Keno screen and lo and behold I’d won the $150,000 Keno Spot 9 prize!

“After realising I’d won I had to sit down for a good 20 minutes because my legs didn’t want to work – I had jelly legs!

“I still can’t believe it! I’ve never won bugger all – couldn’t even win a meat raffle at the pub!”

The happy man had one pastime in mind when asked what he planned to do with his Keno Spot 9 windfall.

“First thing I’ll do is pay off the house, but then I’d also love to get a boat so that I can go fishing all the time, and never be home anyway!” he exclaimed.

The Keno Spot 9 winner wishes to remain anonymous.

The winning Keno Spot 9 entry was purchased from Craigmore Newsagency, Shop 6 and 18 Craigmore Village Shopping Centre, on 176-190 Yorktown Road in Craigmore.