A family man in his 50s was thrilled when he discovered he won one of four $10,000 prizes in a recent SA Lotteries Keno Coin Toss promotion.

Steve from Mawson Lakes won $10,000 after he added Keno Coin Toss to his regular Keno entries and then entered his ticket number into the Flip Your Way to $10K Keno Coin Toss promotion.

When Steve received the phone call from SA Lotteries on Friday afternoon, he didn’t waste any time getting a hold of his wife to tell her the news.

“It was my wife’s idea to enter our entries into the Keno Coin Toss promotion so I’ll phone her on my other phone line now!” Steve exclaimed.

“We’ve won 10 grand lovie! You clever thing!” he said to his wife.

“That’s fantastic! That’s brilliant news! What a happy phone call!

“We always play Keno when we go out to lunch and dinner as a family. It’s a bit of extra fun to watch the numbers pop up on the screen.

“We’ve actually got a planned family holiday coming up and it will just help tremendously to have some extra spending money to make it especially memorable.”

Keno Coin Toss allows you to select heads, evens or tails based on where you believe the 20 winning Keno numbers will be placed on the grid.

For the chance to win one of four $10,000 cash prizes, Keno players were required to enter their ticket number with five or more consecutive Keno Coin Toss draws on the one ticket into the promotion between 11 June and 2 July.

SA Lotteries will be contacting three other happy promotional winners to break the news that they have won a $10,000 prize in the Keno Coin Toss promotion.