Friday 5 August, 2016 - Local blokes in their early 30s from Peterborough have hit the bullseye on their shared $50,000 Keno Spot 8 entry which they plan to split down the middle.

The two mates, a local worker at the meatworks and a shearer, who were having a catch up at the Federal Hotel in Peterborough couldn’t believe their luck.

“We were playing darts at the Federal Hotel in Peterborough, I had $10 in my hand, and my mate was next to me at the bar and I’ve gone to him – do you have 10 bucks on you, we’ll go halves in Keno,” one man explained.

“So we bought 10 games of Spot 5 and Spot 8 and yeah, next thing you know we got lucky on Spot 8! We had the publican running around like a headless chook yelling, 'You won $50 grand! $50 grand!'

“It’s his first big win since he recently purchased the Federal Hotel so no wonder he was so excited.

“After that we kind of forgot about darts for the rest of the night.”

With the winnings one of the men planned to put his half of the winnings in savings, while the other man planned to use his $25,000 on an extended trip to England.

The winning Keno Spot 8 entry was purchased from the Federal Hotel in Peterborough, 96 Main Street in Peterborough.

Adrian Giles is one of the owners of the Federal Hotel and said he was thrilled to have sold a $50,000 prize to his customers.

“I was the one who saw the prize flash up on the screen! It was an incredible moment to know someone in the hotel had just become $50,000 richer!” Mr Giles exclaimed.

“I’ve owned the Federal Hotel for just over one year now but this is our first big win so we won’t be forgetting it any time soon.

“We wish the boys all the best with their Keno Spot 8 windfall!”