A set of special birthdates has delivered an unforgettable $150,000 Keno Spot 9 win for a Salisbury Plain man over the weekend.

The Adelaide resident scored a $150,000 Keno Spot 9 prize in draw 220910 449, drawn Saturday, 10 September 2022.

Sharing his excitement with us, the winning man proclaimed the prize was the most he’s ever won in his entire lifetime.

“I’m surprised!” he laughed.

“I’ve been playing the same special numbers for a long time.

“One day, I decided to buy an entry with a set of birthday numbers, and I’ve never changed them since.

“It’s the most I’ve ever won in my lifetime, that’s for sure.

“I’ll probably pay off the mortgage with the prize and book a long-overdue holiday.

“The holiday can be on hold until after Christmas. I’m not too sure where we will go, but the wait will be worth it!”

The South Australian purchased his winning entry at Saints Newsagency, Shop 11, Saints Shopping Centre, 83 Saints Road, Salisbury Plain.

Saints Newsagency manager Stella Chen said her entire team was celebrating following the win.

“When the winning message displayed on the Keno screen, all of our customers started cheering and got really excited!” she said.

“We’ve been telling everyone that we had a major Keno winning entry over the weekend. They’re super excited for us.

“It’s wonderful news for the Salisbury community, and we can’t wait to see more major lottery wins soon. The last time we sold a division one winning entry was on New Year’s Day in 2020.

“Congratulations to the winner and we wish him all the best with his future endeavours!”