A thrilled Woodville Gardens woman is planning on spoiling her grandkids after winning a Keno Spot 8 prize of $50,000 in draw 2325550 on Wednesday January 10, 2018. 

The happy winner explained she had been at the shops and decided to get an entry from Lotteries Kiosk Arndale, Kiosk 3, Central Mall Centro Arndale, Torrens Road, Kilkenny. 

“When I go shopping I just stop and get an entry and then I saw it on the screen!” she exclaimed. 

“I’ve won a few times before but never anything this big!” 

The proud Grandmother said she was planning on spending her Keno Spot 8 windfall on her family. 

“I’ve got such good kids that they say to me ‘Mum we don’t need any money you spend it on yourself,” she explained. 

“But that’s alright, I’ll just spend it on my grandkids. They are such good kids! 

“I’m also planning a holiday in May so I’ll put it towards some of that too!” 

Lotteries Kiosk Arndale owner David Nicholas said he was thrilled that one of his customers had won Keno Spot 8 prize. 

“We’ve sold a few larger prizes over the years and even a Keno Spot 10 a few years ago but nothing like this for awhile! 

“We are so happy for our customer! It’s such a pleasure to see it won by a local to the area and one of our regular customers. 

“She is a well deserving winner too!”