A Gymea man is hoping to knock off early after this afternoon discovering he is now $200,000 richer from winning 1st Prize in today’s Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot draw. 

The southern Sydney worker won the guaranteed 1st Prize of $200,000 in Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot draw 1344, drawn Monday 10 June 2019. 

When we broke the life-changing news to the winner this afternoon, he couldn’t contain his shock. 

“Whoa! What!? That’s just ridiculous!” he laughed excitedly. 

“That is just ridiculous. A mate at work has been playing every draw for ages and he hasn’t won anything. 

“I started playing and have been on a bit of a winning streak winning smaller amounts here and there. 

“The last entry I won $40 and I told myself ‘that’s it, once that’s gone that streak is over’. But it won me $200,000!” 

The winner admitted, while laughing with his workmates, that he had no plans to return to work this afternoon. 

“I’m at work at the moment but I don’t think I’ll be working the rest of the afternoon!” he confessed. 

“Hopefully I’ll be able to knock off early. I have no idea what I am going to spend it on. 

“I will have to give the missus a call and let her know. I doubt she is going to believe me!” 

The happy winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased his entry of 10 random numbers online at thelott.com.