Are you watching the Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot climb to record breaking heights and wondering how you can get your hands on that jackpot winning ticket?

With an incredible $38 million up for grabs, many Australians who have never played Lucky Lotteries before are securing entries for their chance at winning the jackpot.

Whether you’re new to playing Lucky Lotteries or a seasoned player, we’ve got a few tips on how to play and what you should do to make sure you put your best paw forward in the race to the jackpot.

How to play

Lucky Lotteries is a raffle-style game that guarantees over 10,000 winners in every draw. Unlike other lottery games, you will never have to share your winnings as each number in the draw is unique.

The first step to playing Lucky Lotteries is deciding if you want to play Super Jackpot, Mega Jackpot or both!

  • Super Jackpot is $2.20 per number, has a guaranteed 1st prize of $100,000 in every draw, and the current jackpot is more than a huge $2 million.
  • Mega Jackpot is $5.50 per number, has a guaranteed 1st Prize of $200,000 in every draw, and the current jackpot is more than an incredible $38 million.

The next step is to choose how you would like your numbers selected.

  • Random order - your numbers will be randomly allocated
  • Sequential order - you numbers will be allocated in sequential order

TIP: It’s important to remember in Lucky Lotteries that the numbers either side of a winning number each receives a consolation prize of up to $1,000. So pick your numbers selected wisely!

And the final step is to choose how many numbers you would like to play. You can select between one to ten random numbers, or choose sequential numbers!

Now that you know how to play Lucky Lotteries, here are our top tips to make sure you’re in with the best chance at nabbing that jackpot prize.

Get in early

Lucky Lotteries draws are conducted once all tickets in that draw have been sold. For the Super Jackpot, there are 270,000 tickets and for the Mega Jackpot there are 200,000 tickets. So if you’re wanting to have a chance at those jackpot prizes, it’s important that you don’t delay buying a ticket, because you never know when the tickets will sell out and the all-important jackpot winning draw will take place!

Register your entry

However you decide you’d like to play Lucky Lotteries it’s important to remember to always register your entry. By registering your entry to a player’s card, your prize is secure and we are able to break that life-changing news to you over the phone as soon as we get a hold of you, otherwise we have to wait for you to come forward to claim your prize.

We can’t wait to break the Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot record and crown a new Lucky Lotteries multi-millionaire, as well as many 1st Prize winners along the way!