A Wahroonga dad who was about to head into a work meeting this afternoon was interrupted by a phone call with news he won the 1st Prize in today’s Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot draw. 

The New South Wales player won the guaranteed 1st Prize of $200,000 in Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot draw 1317, drawn Monday 20 May 2019. 

The Sydney man also won a consolation prize of $2,000 boosting his total win to $202,000. The hard-working man was completely oblivious to his windfall until we called him this afternoon to break the news. 

“Are you calling me to tell me good news, or bad news?” he questioned. 

“Wow, $202,000? That is good news!

“What a great way to start the week. 

“I am really overwhelmed! 

“This is fantastic mate! This is incredible! 

“I feel a whole range of emotions right now. I don’t really know how I feel! 

“Wow! This is sensational, just sensational!” 

The excited man admitted he would struggle to concentrate at work after discovering his winning news. 

“I am at work now, but you could interrupt me anytime with a phone call like this,” he laughed. 

“I am about to go into a meeting, but I think I will have to cancel it. 

“I don’t think I will be able to concentrate! I need to process this news properly.” 

When we asked how he planned to spend his win, the dad said he was excited to start planning a few international holidays with his family.

“I will spend it on travel,” he said. 

“We have been wanting to take the family on a few holidays, so now we can. 

“We would love to visit Kenya and Vietnam. 

“God $202,000 will definitely help! It helps big time!” 

The winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased his winning entry at Wahroonga Village Newsagency, 6 Railway Avenue, Wahroonga. 

Wahroonga Village Newsagency owners Kim and Harry Dinh said they were thrilled to discover they sold a 1st prize winning entry. 

“We are over the moon! We feel like we won the prize ourselves, that’s how happy we feel,” Kim said. 

“This is a dream come true for us! You have made my week! 

“This is the first time under our ownership that we have sold a 1st Prize, so we are ecstatic. 

“I always tell my customers I want them to win just as much as I would like to win myself, so knowing that it’s happened and it’s a Wahroonga local makes me incredibly happy. 

“We are very, very, very happy for him and wish him all the best with his prize!”