A Wollongong man has declared his $200,000 Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot win is a “bloody beautiful” way to start the New Year. 

The New South Wales winner held the 1st Prize winning entry in Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot draw 1513, drawn Monday 4 January 2021. 

Straight after the draw we called the winner, who was struggling to comprehend the news of his win. 

“Wow that is fantastic!” he laughed. 

“That is really, really good. 

“God I’ve already been in a good mood and now I am in an even better mood! 

“When I initially saw your email I thought, ‘that’s strange, it must be a scam’. 

“I probably assessed the email a million times and then I started to think it might actually be true, but I couldn’t access my online The Lott account straight away to double check. 

“I am glad you’ve confirmed it really is true! 

“It’s a great thing to happen right at the beginning of the year. 

“It’s bloody beautiful! 

“I am certainly going to celebrate big tonight! 

“It’s just come at the most perfect time. It’s unbelievable!” 

When asked how he planned to enjoy his windfall, the stoked bloke said he was so shocked by the news that he wasn’t quite sure what he was going to do. 

“God, it’s all a bit overwhelming at the moment,” he explained. 

“I am sure there will be something fun I can do with the prize, maybe a holiday or something like that. 

“It’s definitely going to come in handy.” 

The winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased his entry of four random numbers from thelott.com – Australia’s official lotteries.