A Bondi tradie had his busy workday interrupted this morning by the revelation of his $100,000 win in yesterday’s Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot draw.

The Sydney man won the guaranteed 1st Prize of $100,000 in Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot draw 10537, drawn 9 March 2022.

As well as winning the 1st Prize, the man also won a consolation prize of $2,000, boosting his total windfall to $102,000.

This morning, we reached out to the player, who was utterly oblivious to his major prize win.

“I’m at work right now, and I can barely hear you from all the machinery. Hang on, let me step away from all the noise,” he laughed.

“Wait, what did you say? Have I won $102,000? That is excellent! Thank you so much.

“I’ve been playing since I was 18 years old, so that’s over 40 years! I’m glad to have finally won a major prize; it’s incredible.

“I need to let this news sink in before we do any crazy celebrations. But I’m sure I’ll crack open a beer when I get home. My family will probably want to order some takeaway or something as well.

“It’s been tough these past few years, so this win is uplifting. It’ll certainly make my life a lot easier.

“I’ll use the prize to pay some bills, and I’d love to take my family on an overseas holiday. The rest I’ll keep for the future.”

The hardworking man purchased his winning entry of five consecutive numbers online at thelott.com – the official home of Australia’s lotteries.