A Woy Woy woman had been waiting for the day she could prove the tarot card reader who told her she would never win anything wrong, and now she can, after winning $100,000. 

The New South Wales player won the 1st Prize of $100,000 in Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot draw 10394, drawn Friday 17 July 2020. As well as winning the 1st Prize, the Central Coast woman also won a consolation prize of $2,000, boosting her total windfall to $102,000. 

Wecalled the winner this afternoon, who was completely oblivious of her major prize win. 

“Oh my lord!” she screamed happily.

 “I have never won anything in my life. I am so excited! 

“A  tarot card reader read my cards years ago and told me I would never win anything in my life. 

“Since then I have been trying my best to prove her wrong! Now I can say I have!

“What a blessing! 

“This is the best news I have ever received. It’s so exciting. 

“I am going to go to the footy tonight to celebrate now! I can’t wait.” 

When asked how she planned to enjoy her incredible windfall, the overwhelmed winner said she couldn’t wait to share her prize with those who mean the most to her. 

“I am going to help my family, my partner, everyone!” she shared. 

“When we can travel again, I’d love to go to England too. 

“I just want to live my best life every day.” 

The winning entry of five consecutive numbers was purchased at Deepwater Plaza Newsagency, Shops 14-15 Deepwater Plaza, Railway Street, Woy Woy. 

Deepwater Plaza Newsagency owners Gordon and Kylie Swinford said they couldn’t be happier for their local winner. 

“We are over the moon” Gordon said. 

“It certainly adds a buzz to the store! There can never be a shortage of happy news, so we are excited to share this news with our customers. 

“It’s great for the outlet, the winner and the community."

“We sold a million dollar winning entry a few months ago, so we are feeling a bit lucky,” Kylie added. 

“Hopefully we have some more major wins! 

“Congratulations to our winner. We hope you truly enjoy your prize.”