A Chullora retiree says she never thought she’d be a millionaire upon discovering the life-changing news she won division one in Monday Lotto. 

The Sydney player held one of the two division one winning entries nationally in Monday & Wednesday Lotto draw 4002, drawn Monday 24 August 2020, and takes home a division one prize of $1 million. 

Sharing her excitement with us this afternoon, the winning woman thought the unexpected news had to be a mistake.   

“Oh I can’t believe it,” she eventually managed. 

“Oh my god. Thank you very much. 

“This is very hard to get my head around! 

“My husband went to the newsagency just before and they told him they’d sold a division one winning entry. We didn’t think it could be us! 

“I just can’t believe it. I feel as though this has to be a mistake! 

“I never thought I’d be a millionaire!” 

When asked how she thought she might enjoy her million-dollar windfall, the loving mum thought of her family first. 

“Oh I don’t know exactly at the moment. I am so overwhelmed,” she laughed. 

“I’ll certainly be able to help out my children, especially with everything going on at the moment. 

“Then the rest I will have to think about and come up with a plan. I’m sure we will really enjoy it!” 

Chullora Marketplace Newsagency and Tobacconist owner Linda Khador said the team was very excited to hear the wonderful news. 

“We are so happy for our winning customer,” she said. 

“We’ve had so much fun sharing this great news with our customers, it’s very welcomed news for everyone. 

“We hope we have plenty more division one winners in the future. 

“Congratulations to them!”