A retired Millicent couple is still reeling from the shock they are the holders the winning Monday & Wednesday X Lotto ticket worth $1 million that SA Lotteries officials have been searching for over the past six days. 

The Millicent couple held one of the four division one winning entries nationally in Monday & Wednesday X Lotto draw 3855, drawn Wednesday 27 March 2019. Each winner takes home the guaranteed division one prize of $1 million.

The ticket was unregistered, so we had no way of contacting the winner with the life-changing news and had to wait for the pair to come forward to claim their prize. 

Speaking with us this morning to confirm the news one of the overjoyed winners explained the reason for their delay in coming forward to claim their prize.

“I thought I had only won division two!” she laughed.

“I checked my numbers online and originally thought I had just a few numbers.“

It wasn’t until I checked my ticket at an outlet a couple of days later I realised we had won!

“Honestly, I’m still not sure that we’ve won it!“It’s not something that happens to you. When you hear about someone winning division one you just shake your head and think ‘it’s not me’.

“My husband and I have been sitting here all weekend saying ‘did we really win?’ and it wasn’t until you confirmed it for us that it has sunk in.

“I might just start to believe it now!” 

When asked how they planned to spend their out-of-the-blue windfall, the newly minted millionaire told us they would put it to good use. 

“We don’t know! We know it certainly won’t go astray!” she said.

“We think we might put it in our bank account then sit back quietly and think about what we want to do.

“We definitely need a new car though. Our car is on its last legs so that’s the first thing we’ll do, but for the rest we will get some financial advice and then decide what to do.

“We’ll tell our children, but I’m not sure they will believe us. I’m sure they will be as shocked as we were!”

The thrilled winners, who wish to remain anonymous, purchased their winning entry at Millicent Newsagency & Stationery Supplies, 5 Glen Street, Millicent. 

Millicent Newsagency & Stationery Supplies team member Cindy Hann said she was thrilled her customers had been united with their prize.

“We are so happy our customers have come forward to claim their prize and we hope they enjoy their win!” she exclaimed.

“All of our customers have been talking about it. They keep asking us if it has been claimed and I’m happy we’ll be able to tell them yes now!

“It’s been two or three years since we last sold a major prize so it will be great to be able to tell people we do sell winning entries!

“It is just wonderful news for our customers. We wish them all the best!”