A Northgate grandma’s morning cup of tea has been happily interrupted by the revelation she became a millionaire in last night’s Monday & Wednesday X Lotto draw.

The Adelaide resident held one of the three division one winning entries in Monday & Wednesday X Lotto draw 4313 on Wednesday 16 August 2023. Each division one winning entry scored $1 million.

“I was just checking my ticket when you called!” the woman exclaimed when we made contact this morning.

“I’ve just got out of bed, got the paper, made myself a cup of tea, turned the TV on and thought I’d check my X Lotto ticket.

“I’ve checked the ticket about three or four times! I’ve checked and double-checked!

“Have I really got six numbers? Oh my goodness! Do I really get $1 million!?

“Thank you so much. I can’t believe it.

“I’ve been playing these same numbers for many, many years.

“I can’t wait to tell my children. I’m sure they’ll say I’ve got it wrong, but it will be lovely to tell them.

“I think I’m losing my voice in the excitement. I’ll have to have a relaxing cup of tea – I guess it’s a bit early for a wine!”

When asked how she might enjoy life as a millionaire, the generous woman thought of her family first.

“I think my children might get something, and the grandchildren,” she said.

“I’d also like to buy myself some new clothes as well.”

Her winning marked 4-game entry was purchased at Northgate Newsagency, Shop 7A, Northgate Village Shopping Centre, Folland Avenue, Northgate.

Northgate Newsagency owner Chintan Damani said he couldn’t wait to celebrate another big win in his outlet.

“It’s amazing news! It feels like every year, Northgate Newsagency has a big winner. Last year we had a Keno Spot 10 and now this!” he said.

“Congratulations to our winner. We wish them all the very best with their prize and am really happy for them.”