A Reservoir couple received the shock of their lives this morning after discovering they are now $1 million richer from scoring division one in Monday’s Lotto draw. 

The newly-minted millionaire duo held one of the three division one winning entries nationally in Monday & Wednesday Lotto draw 3890, drawn Monday 27 July 2019 and take home the guaranteed division one prize of $1 million. 

The winning ticket was unregistered, so we had no way of contacting the winner with the life-changing news and had to wait for the couple to come forward to claim their prize. 

Sharing his joy with us this morning, the happy husband initially didn’t believe the news. 

“Wait. Can you say that again? We’ve won a million dollars?!” he questioned as his wife cheered with joy in the background. 

“Oh my god! Oh sh*t! I thought we’d only won $300,000. 

“I thought the prize pool was $1 million total and when I saw that there were three winners I thought we’d be walking away with about $300,000 not $1 million. 

“This news certainly changes things a bit!” 

When asked they planned to enjoy their windfall, the overjoyed couple said the news of their extra win had thrown a spanner in their plans. 

“The first thing we’ll be doing is celebrating!” the wife exclaimed with glee. 

“After that, we aren’t sure. We’ll have to let the million-dollar news sink in!” 

Despite not realising the prize pool was over $1 million, the happy man revealed he was a regular player. 

“The first line of numbers are my family’s birthdates and things like that but the rest of the numbers are random and not special at all,” he explained. 

“You can defininely say they are special now!”

The winning entry was purchased at Broadway Lotto, 238 Broadway, Reservoir. Broadway Lotto owner Selin Alan said he was thrilled to have sold the store’s first division one winning entry since he took over the outlet. 

“I’ve been here about two years now and this is the first division one winning entry we’ve sold which makes it even more exciting!” he exclaimed. 

“Over the years the outlet has sold about 21 division one winning entries. 

“We are so pleased to have contributed to changing our customer’s life in such a big way. 

“We are so thrilled for our winners and we wish them all the best with their prize!”