A Ryde man has declared his million-dollar win in one of this week’s Monday & Wednesday Lotto draws is the end to his string of ‘bad luck’.

The Sydneysider held one of the four division one winning entries in Monday & Wednesday Lotto draw 4191 on Wednesday 15 June 2022 and took home $1 million.

The New South Wales father confessed he had woken up in the early hours of the morning while overseas on holiday to discover he was a newly made millionaire.

“Wow, I don’t know what to say!” he cried when his win was confirmed by an official from The Lott.

“It’s been a tough five years full of bad luck. I’m crying!

“It’s quarter past seven in the morning where I am, and I’ve just woken up! I’m overseas right now and I’m all over the place. This is cool!

“I’ve been playing since ’95 and I never thought this day would come. My wife and I chose our own numbers 27 years ago and we’ve stuck with them ever since.

“One of the numbers is my birthday and the other is the number of my favourite racing car – they’re quirky numbers.

“This will really help my family and I. Maybe we can turn our bad luck around. It’s life-changing!”

When asked how he planned to enjoy his good fortune, he immediately knew he would upgrade his car.

“We’ve been driving around an older car for a long time, and I know the first thing I’ll do is visit the car yard for an upgrade – I’d love more leg room!” he shared.

“I’m going to go purchase a bouquet of flowers, sit down and embrace this moment.”

His winning 10-game entry was purchased online at thelott.com – the official home of Australia’s lotteries.