A Port Adelaide local has confessed to ‘screaming on the inside’ after discovering he won the guaranteed $1,000,000 division one prize in Monday X Lotto draw 3796, drawn 3 September 2018.
The happy winner held one of three division one winning entries nationally, one each from South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales, with each winner becoming overnight millionaires.
As well as winning the coveted top prize, the winner’s entry also won division two 6 times, division three 18 times, division four 90 times and division five 60 times bolstering his total prize to $1,040,349.70.
When a SA Lotteries official spoke to the winner to confirm his prize, he recounted the moment he discovered the news he was now a millionaire.
“I went to the outlet and checked it on the self-service ticket checker and when I heard the ‘ding-ding’ of the machine I knew I had a winner,” he laughed.
“The lady at the outlet said she couldn’t pay it out and so I grabbed the winning numbers and checked them in the car. I knew it was something when they couldn’t pay me out.
“I’ve had a few close calls in the past years where they say it is too much to pay out so you get excited that you’ve won division one and it’s only been a few thousand.
“I’m always for that – anything is good! I’m not that greedy but I’m glad this time it is division one!

“I’m screaming on the inside you know that don’t you? Jesus it’s so hard to control myself!”

When asked how he planned to spend his X Lotto windfall, the thrilled winner revealed he had a few plans in place to help him, and those special people at the top of his Lotto List.
“Very very very simple and straight forward. I plan on paying off some bills, paying off the mortgages for myself and my family and having enough left over to buy a motorhome – even if it is a second hand one!” he said.
“Once the mortgages are paid off – you’re the king! You don’t have to pay mortgage for the rest of your life.
“You can go to work happier because of the money you make you can spend on yourself instead of paying it to the bank!”
“It’s super-duper amazing! I can pay off my mortgage and help my family pay off theirs and even a new car. It’s just awesome!”
The regular player revealed how he chose his numbers on his marked entry.
“Family members picked two numbers each, and I picked a couple and I’ve been playing them for a couple of weeks now,” he explained.
“I went in on Friday and was just going to play the numbers for Saturday but I had accidentally marked the coupon for Monday so I thought – ‘I’ll just do both days, what the hell’.
“I was only going to do Saturday so a bit of luck there I did both!”
The happy winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased his entry at Port Adelaide Papershop, Shop 11, Old Port Canal Shopping Centre, Commercial Road, Port Adelaide.
Julie Groves, owner of Port Adelaide Papershop, said she was thrilled to have sold another division one winning entry so soon after the last big win.
“It’s fantastic! We’ve sold twelve division one or top prize winning entries in nine years and this is the fourth we’ve sold in just a year!” she exclaimed.
“Our motto in store in ‘we sell our tickets with love’ and it seems to be working!
“We wish our winner all the best with their prize!”
So far this calendar year, Monday & Wednesday X Lotto and Saturday X Lotto have created 131 millionaires across Australia.
The winning numbers in Monday & Wednesday X Lotto draw 3796 on Monday 3 September 2018 were 6, 17, 11, 33, 28 and 5, while the supplementary numbers were 24 and 37.
Across Australia there were three division one winning entries in Monday & Wednesday X Lotto draw 3796 – one each from Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.
The Lott’s division one winning tally has now reached 378 so far this calendar
year, including 29 won by SA Lotteries customers.
Last financial year, there were 82 division one winning Monday & Wednesday X Lotto entries across the Lott’s jurisdictions, which collectively won more than $80 million.