Wedding bells are ringing for a Gracemere couple who today discovered they won $1 million in last night’s Wednesday Gold Lotto draw.

The Queensland pair held one of the four division one winning entries nationally in Monday & Wednesday Gold Lotto draw 3859, drawn Wednesday 10 April 2019. Each winning entry took home a division one prize of $1,000,000.

When we spoke to her this afternoon, the emotional woman said she had tears in her eyes upon discovering the winning news.

“Oh god! Wow! How am I going to go back to work and look normal?” the woman laughed.

“If you could see me, you’d see I have tears in my eyes. 

“I have butterflies in my stomach. My legs feel wobbly, my knees feel wobbly! I can barely stand up!

"This just doesn’t happen to normal people like me.

“I keep looking around to check this isn’t a dream. It doesn’t feel real.

“This will change my life. I’ve actually got a headache from smiling so much!

“I am a millionaire – that sounds crazy!”

The ecstatic woman told us the win would allow the couple to finally do all the things they’ve dreamt of. 

“We will buy a nice house and have a beautiful garden,” she shared.

“We can finally get married now too and we will give some to our family.

“Then I am going to retire from work. I never thought I’d be retiring at this age.

“This feels surreal! We can finally do all the things we’ve been wanting to do. It’s just amazing.”

The couple, who wish to remain anonymous, purchased their winning 18-game marked entry at Gracemere News, Shop 16, Gracemere Shoppingworld, 1-19 McLaughlin Street, Gracemere. 

Gracemere News employee, Del Hardacre, said the outlet was thrilled to have made one of their customers a millionaire.

“We are extremely happy,” she said.

“I think we are probably equally as thrilled as the winners are! When we discovered the news today we all jumped for joy!

“We hope they enjoy their prize and wish them all the best for the future. 

“It’s wonderful that they’re a couple from Gracemere and that the prize will help them achieve some of their dreams.

“Hopefully this is the start of a winning streak and we deliver more big wins to our customers!”