New South Wales has had its second syndicate success in less than a week after a 30-share NSW Lotteries Central Syndicate scooped the entire $15 million jackpot in last night’s Oz Lotto draw! 

The syndicate of players won first division and other divisional prizes in last night’s Oz Lotto draw totalling $15,082,961.90 or $502,765.40 per share; with the win coming hot on the heels of an 18-share store syndicate first division prize in the weekend’s Saturday Lotto $21 Million Superdraw! 

Some of the excited Oz Lotto syndicate winners were quick to contact NSW Lotteries this morning after discovering they’d won more than half a million dollars each. 

“My heart is beating so fast at the moment!” a Sydney father declared to a NSW Lotteries official. 

“I checked my Oz Lotto syndicate entry this morning before work and I just couldn’t comprehend that I’d won $500,000! 

“The first thing my wife said to me when I told her that we’d won is that we’ll pay off the mortgage! This prize money is going to take the pressure off. 

“It’s so nice to think that there are 29 other syndicate shareholders who are feeling just like me at the moment!” 

The winning System 11 Central Syndicate shares were purchased in NSW Lotteries outlets right across the greater Sydney region with two entries purchased in the ACT and one in the Illawara region. 

It was the only division one winning entry in last night’s $15 million Oz Lotto draw. The System 11 entry also won $82,961.90 in other divisional prizes. 

The winning numbers in Oz Lotto draw 1081 on 4 November 2014 were 25, 14, 13, 31, 23, 18 and 21. The supplementary numbers were 38 and 2.