The $80 million Oz Lotto jackpot has been won by two division one winning entries from Queensland, who each take home a prize of $40 million. 

The two division one winners were the only division one winners nationally in Oz Lotto draw 1323 drawn Tuesday 25 June 2019. 

The division one winners were a mum from Ipswich, who bought her entry online at – Australia’s official lotteries, and a man from the Sunshine Coast, who bought his entry at NewsXpress Robina Town Centre on the Gold Coast.

In addition to the two division one winners, a total of 1,443,114 prizes worth more than $32.92 million were won in divisions two to seven. 

Ipswich mum declares $40 million prize ‘weird’

An Ipswich mum has laughed with absolute disbelief after hearing confirmation she is now $40 million richer from scoring division one in tonight’s Oz Lotto draw. 

Sharing her joy with us this evening, the down-to-earth winner revealed even though she’d checked her ticket straight after the draw, she hadn’t realised she was a multi-millionaire.

“No way! No way! That can’t be true! It must be a mistake!” she laughed with glee.

“I logged onto the app and saw that I had all the numbers and thought I’d must have won something.  I was thinking I would have won a couple of thousand.

“I just kept thinking ‘That can’t be real. That must be a mistake!’. 

“It’s just so weird to think I am a multi-millionaire!”

When asked how she planned to enjoy her new-found multi-millionaire status, the thrilled woman confessed it would be life as usual tomorrow.

“I don’t think much will change. Tomorrow will just be the same old thing. I’ve still got to do the school drop off,” she giggled.

“I just don’t know. I just can’t think. 

“I never thought I’d win the lottery! Oh my god, I can’t believe this. I just can’t. It’s very surreal.

“We’ve always wanted to go on a family holiday to Canada so we’ll do that. We’ll do everything! It will be absolutely life-changing!”

The happy woman also confessed she was expecting a sleepless night ahead.

“I don’t think I’ll be getting any sleep!” she declared.

“We’ll probably do something to celebrate tonight. Might have a couple of drinks. We are all just so excited!” 

The happy woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased her 6-game QuickPick entry online at – Australia’s official lotteries. 


Sunshine Coast’s $40 million winner ready to ride to Italian Grand Prix

A Sunshine Coast man admits he’s also unlikely to get a wink of sleep tonight after the confirmation he is now $40 million richer from scoring the second division one prize in tonight’s Oz Lotto draw. 

As well as winning the coveted division one prize, the winner’s System-8 QuickPick entry also won division three seven times, bolstering his total prize to $40,028,726.60. 

When we phoned the winner this evening, the call was answered after only two rings. 

“I think I know what you’re calling about,” the man admitted when he answered the phone. 

“It’s just fantastic! That’s very exciting.

“I was watching YouTube and thought I should check my entry. I couldn’t believe it.  I just couldn’t believe it.

“I’m shocked to be honest. But extremely excited and grateful.”

The regular player shared he was completely overwhelmed by the life-changing news.

“It’s just crazy.  I’m just super grateful. It’s really nice to receive this call,” he said. 

“It’s going to change my life a fair bit. I’ll think about it for a day or so, but the first thing I want to do is get a little house and upgrade the car.  Probably do something like that – I might even buy a big house! 

“I don’t know how much sleep I will get tonight! I’m just so shocked to be honest.  

“I’m probably like most people who get this call. I’m thinking ‘what the hell!’.”

Despite being overwhelmed by the multi-million-dollar news, the thrilled winner admitted he planned to use the windfall to realise a long-held dream. 

“I’ve always wanted to go to the Italian Grand Prix!” he confessed.

“It’s in September and by the looks of things I’ll be able to do that now. I’ll definitely be able to do that in style!” 

As well as realising his dream of attending the Grand Prix, the winner also revealed the windfall would help him realise his dream of following his passion.

“I’ll keep working but I think I’ll have a change of career and do something I am passionate about.” 

The happy man, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased his System 8 QuickPick entry at NewsXpress Robina Town Centre, Shop t4276, Ground Floor Marketplace, Robina Town Centre, Robina. 

NewsXpress Robina Town Centre owner Karen Randall couldn’t contain her excitement this evening at selling a major division one winning entry.

“We are so bloody excited! We are over the moon!” she said.

“I am shocked, stunned and thrilled! The staff are going to go nuts when they hear.

“We wish him all the best with his prize and hope he enjoys it.

We have sold division one winning tickets in the past but it’s been a long time between drinks and we’ve never had a prize this big.

We are so rapt that we are now on the map for selling such a huge division one prize!