With less than 16 hours until the winning numbers are drawn, Aussies are clambering to grab their entry in tonight’s $50 million Oz Lotto draw – the biggest Oz Lotto jackpot in almost two years!

It’s anticipated up to half of all Aussie adults will purchase an entry in tonight’s draw for their chance to become the nation’s newest multi-millionaire.

The last time Oz Lotto players saw the jackpot soar to these heights was in August 2015, when the $60 million division one prize pool was shared by three winning entries across Australia.

Australia’s Official Lotteries - the Lott spokesperson Elissa Lewis said a flood of last-minute entries was expected today as regular, infrequent and new Oz Lotto players rushed to buy their tickets from lottery outlets and online at thelott.com.

“The response to this mind-blowing $50 million jackpot has been overwhelming as Aussie adults imagine how their lives could transform if they won a slice of the princely prize pool,” she said.

“Not only are regular Oz Lotto customers returning in droves, we’re also seeing eye-on-the-prize players lining up for the chance to share in $50 million.“

Australians’ dreams are as broad and diverse as the country itself – everything from buying a home and starting a business to escaping on an endless holiday – and this $50 million jackpot has captured the hearts and minds of everyday Aussies."

Tonight’s $50 million prize comes after no entries matched the seven winning numbers needed to win division one during the past six weeks.

While the $40 million first division prize eluded players in last week’s draw, more than 700,000 prizes worth more than $15.8 million were won across Australia in divisions two to seven.

Last financial year, 18 Oz Lotto division one winning entries across the Lott’s jurisdictions won more than $182 million.

During this time, the biggest individual division one Oz Lotto prize was won by a young Cairns mum who took home $40 million.

The standing record for the largest single winning entry in Oz Lotto was set in December 2013 when a single winning ticket won the entire $70 million jackpot.

Advice to Oz Lotto players

Ms Lewis said she had three pieces of advice for anyone craving the chance to win a share of the $50 million Oz Lotto jackpot.

“It may seem obvious, but it’s important to remember you do need an entry to be in with a chance of winning the prize! Our retail and online outlets are expecting brisk trade today, so get in early to secure your entry,” she said.

“We also recommend players register their entry so that we can contact you with the life-changing news that you’re now an Oz Lotto multi-millionaire.

Back in May, when the $40 million jackpot was won by a young Cairns mum, she had an unregistered entry and had no idea she’d won for almost two days!

“Finally, it’s interesting to note that all Oz Lotto division one winning entries so far this year have been QuickPicks, or entries randomly generated by the lottery terminal. Will this trend continue? Only time will tell!”

Just how big is $50 million?

With the Oz Lotto jackpot hitting its highest level in almost two years, Ms Lewis said many Aussies found it difficult to wrap their heads around the mind-blowing $50 million prize.

“Can you imagine looking at your bank account and seeing $50 million in it? Tonight, one Australian may find out just what that feels like. It’s a massive amount of money and truly life changing,” she said.

“If 50 million $1 coins were laid out in a line, it would circle Uluru 125 times, travel the Great Ocean Road twice, or stretch from Canberra to Adelaide.

“For those wondering what $50 million can buy, it’s enough to purchase two Whitsunday Islands, two Sydney Harbour penthouses, or a 6,400sqkm Central Australian property complete with 15,000 Hereford cattle!”

What if the $50 million jackpot isn’t won tonight?

Should there be no division one winners tonight, Ms Lewis said the Oz Lotto jackpot would soar higher for next week’s draw.

“But exactly how big next week’s Oz Lotto jackpot would be if we don’t have any division one winners tonight remains to be seen,” she said.

The $50 million Oz Lotto draw 1222 will be broadcast around 8:45pm AEST on Tuesday 18 July 2017.

Tickets for the $50 million Oz Lotto draw can be purchased up until 7:30pm AEST from any official lottery outlet, online from thelott.com, or via thelott app.