A country builder from the New South Wales region of New England will be getting a special delivery of a truck load of cash after his 3-game entry in Tuesday’s Oz Lotto draw won a $20 million division one prize.

The man in his 30s from a tiny town near Glen Innes was one of two ecstatic division one winners who shared in the humungous $40 million Oz Lotto jackpot draw on Tuesday and are now each coming to terms with becoming a millionaire twenty times over!

The other division one winner, a man from Melbourne who purchased his ticket online, discovered his new multi-millionaire status early on Wednesday morning.

“I logged on to my thelott.com account and thought someone’s won the bloody thing but I didn’t see the numbers right away so I thought I did no good,” the excited Melbourne winner explained.

“But then I looked at the results and thought hang on I’ve ticked all those numbers! Since then I’ve been in a state of flux! I’m still a bit numb and the reality of all the possibilities is still to come.

“$20 million is just off the charts! It just opens up a Pandora’s box of opportunities. We’ll just wait and see! I could certainly become a full-time traveller now!”

Both division one winning entries were purchased online.

The newly-minted Melbourne multi-millionaire purchased his System 9 marked entry online via thelott.com.

Following six weeks of jackpotting, Tuesday night’s $40 million Oz Lotto jackpot was the equal largest Oz Lotto jackpot offered this year. Along with the huge jackpot prize more than 725,471 prizes were won across Australia in divisions two to seven, sharing in a total prize pool of more than $14.23 million.

The winning numbers in Oz Lotto’s $40 million draw 1175 on Tuesday 23 August 2016 were 21, 5, 32, 15, 45, 36 and 1. The supplementary numbers were 31 and 9