It’s confirmed, Tasmania has a new multi-millionaire.

After an intensive five-day search, a Tasmanian man has claimed last Thursday’s entire $30 million Powerball jackpot prize!

The winner, who wishes to keep his identity under wraps, held the only division one winning entry in Powerball drawn Thursday 20

The $30 million life-changing entry was purchased at Sorell Hub Lotto, Kiosk 1, Sorell Plaza, 12 Cole Street, Sorell.

When we spoke to the winner to confirm the incredible news, he explained how he discovered his good fortune.

“I checked the ticket online. Then I checked it again,” he said.

“Then I got my wife to check it.

“And checked it again, and again, and again to make sure.

“I checked it that many times!”

The winning entry was not registered to a Tatts card so we had no way of contacting the winner to confirm the life-changing news and had to wait for them to come forward to claim their prize.

As it turns out, the $30 million Powerball winner had a Tatts card, but he forgot to register this ticket.

“Generally I use my Tatts card, but I bought this ticket spur of the moment,” he said.

Thankfully, our winner’s spur of the moment decision did not stop him from being united with his prize! But that’s why we remind all of our customers to register every entry with their players card because you never know if it will be a winning one!

Sorell Lotto Hub owner Dean Silver said he was thrilled to have sold the incredible $30 million prize – Tasmania’s largest ever division one winning entry.

“It was magnificent to have sold that ticket! It was great for our store and for the community,” he said.

“Everyone always says the big wins go to the mainland, but not this time! We did it!

“You know any win is good, but $30 million, well that is fantastic!

“I really hope the prize makes a difference to our winner’s life! I am really pleased for our winner.

“My customers have been telling me that this is the start of my winning streak – so that is my aim! I hope I deliver more wins to my

While our stunned winner didn’t yet know what he wanted to do with his incredible $30 million win, we do know is that the sky is the limit when you get to play your own rules.