Australian lottery history could be made this week if one player takes home the entire $80 million Powerball jackpot on offer for this Thursday’s draw! How much would you like it to be you?

After seven weeks of jackpotting, Powerball has soared to a mind-blowing $80 million. It’s the second biggest jackpot Powerball has offered in the game’s 23-year history.

If you haven’t purchased your entry into this life-changing draw yet, you’re in luck! Ahead of the draw, we can reveal the winning entry types that scored Powerball division one prizes in 2018.

Last year, 14 division one winning entries took home $344 million in Powerball prize money.

Of these entries, almost two-thirds were QuickPick entries, where the numbers were randomly generated by the lottery terminal. The remaining entries were marked entries, where the ticketholders had chosen the numbers themselves.

Almost one-in-four of the winning entries were PowerHit entries, a special type of entry that guarantees the all-important Powerball number needed to win division one. You can learn more about how a PowerHit entry works in our video here.

In the $50 million Powerball draw last week, six people bagged the division two prize of $115,772.90 by having the correct seven numbers. However, if they had purchased a PowerHit entry they would have taken out the division one prize of $50 million. If that isn’t a reason to play a PowerHit we don’t know what is!

So who holds the record for the biggest division one win in Australian? The current record is held by two Hervey Bay grandparents who won $70 million in Powerball back in 2016.

Can you imagine how your life might change in 2019 if your bank account ballooned by $80 million? Would you pursue a long-held passion to explore the beautiful corners of the world, or would you set up home on a tropical island. The reality is you could do both!

With a multi-million dollar Powerball prize of this scale, it’s fair to say you could well and truly play by your own rules.