Australia could welcome a new multi-millionaire tomorrow night should one or more Aussies pocket Powerball’s $50 million jackpot.

But our research shows Aussies have already begun contemplating how much they’d love to win, what would bring them the most happiness, and how their lives might change should they score a lottery prize.

More than a third of Aussie players (37%) declared a $1 million lottery prize would be enough for them to realise their dreams, while another 36% raised the bar and said a $5 million prize would do the trick.

Just over a quarter (27%) confessed their ideal lottery win would need to be at least $10 million, with 4% of these sharing their dreams had a price tag of $50 million and above.

It seems Aussies remain a generous bunch with almost three-quarters (71%) confirming sharing their winnings with family and friends would bring them the most happiness.

About a third (34%) said being able to donate to charity would also bring them joy. While international travel has been off the cards recently, Aussies’ wanderlust remains strong. 

Travelling (63%) and spending more time with family and friends (55%) were the top two lifestyle changes wannabe division one winners wanted to make.

Focusing on their health and fitness (36%), doing more volunteering (23%) and pursuing a hobby (19%) were some of the other lifestyle goals following a division one win.

Some of these lottery dreams may become a reality should someone pocket Powerball’s $50 million prize. Our team will be ready and waiting to call any registered division one winners in tomorrow night’s draw.

We’re expecting up to one-in-six Australian adults to have an entry in Thursday’s draw so make sure you get in early before draw close at 7:30pm AEST.

So far this year, Powerball has welcomed four division one winners – two from Queensland and two from New South Wales. Together, these fab four have pocketed $120 million.

We can’t wait to see if history repeats itself and we welcome our fifth Powerball division one winner for 2021 this week, or whether the Powerball jackpot climbs higher for next week’s draw.